A-list Music & Co. is a 5,100 square-foot boutique studio providing top music artists, EMERGING ENTERTAINERS AND associated industry professionals a modern space to rehearse, record and resonate.

Singers, songwriters, musicians, producers, choreographers, dancers and photographers will all enjoy home-like vibes inside the industrial style facility. Amenities include a kitchenette, dining area, HD TV, PlayStation 4, ping pong table and free Wi-Fi. The multi-room studio is also equipped with backline, live instruments and digital audio workstations. The creative energy is electrifying at A-list Music & Co. as you never know which chart-topping artist rehearsed here yesterday or who’s recording here today. Connect to this special aura of inspiration with the assistance of our professional on-site management team. When you’re working at A-list Music & Co., you’re artistically a part of the best the world has to offer.




  • Yamaha sound system

  • (2) DSR215 full range powered speakers

  • (2) DXS18 powered subwoofers

  • (4) DXR10 lower profile powered speakers

  • (2) DXR12 powered speakers

  • (1) TF5 32+1 Fader Digital Mixing Console

  • (1) Midas M32 Digital Mixer

  • (2) Shure SM58 microphones

  • Sennheiser wireless microphone

  • Sennheiser IEMs

  • 540 sq. ft. dance floor with mirrors



  • (2) soundproof studios
  • Professional sound engineers
  • Pro Tools HD
  • Logic
  • Keyboard controllers
  • Neumann U87 microphone
  • Telefunken AR-51 microphone
  • Neve 1073 preamp
  • API 512 preamp
  • KRK VXT 8s with subs
  • Yamaha HS 8s with subs


  • Modern industrial warehouse
  • Exposed brick walls
  • High beam ceilings
  • Great natural light
  • Weathered concrete flooring
  • Spacious and open layout
  • Break out areas for makeup & styling
  • Versatile setup options
  • Street level access for loading
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Security personnel available

5 pc. TAMA Starclassic Drum Set | Korg Kronos Keyboard | Korg Microkorg | Fender Rumble Bass Amp & Cabinet | Fender Deville Guitar Amp


A-list Music & Co. is also an ideal venue for songwriting camps, live performances and other events. To request info on booking the entire studio, please visit our Contact page.