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A-list Music & Co.






A-list Music & Co. is a multi-faceted arts and entertainment company. Founded in 2010 by respected musician and producer Thaddeus Dixon, the company is a one-stop creative shop for music direction, record production and studio rental space.

A-list Music & Co. has worked with top recording artists and contributed to critically acclaimed music projects. Recent company partnerships include providing music direction for the Bryson Tiller TRAPSOUL tour, collaborating with Meghan Trainor on music production/writing for The Peanuts Movie and creating music for E! network reality TV programming. In 2017, the company expanded its operations by opening a production studio in downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) for music, dance, photography, film and industry events.

Whether you're seeking a music director, record producer, musicians or studio rental space, A-list Music & Co. is a growth-oriented artistic destination in tune with your specific needs.  Contact A-list Music & Co. today and join us in crafting the sound of tomorrow.